Google Search: Apple Certified Consulting – MacWorks of CT

By April 23, 2010Uncategorized

We recently had some fun with the Google Search Stories and created this MacWorks vignette. Although we do not build websites, we can consult with you for products like Google AdWords and SEO Search Engine Optimization. With a small amount of investment, we can have your company ranking organically in Google in a high position (just like MacWorks!).

If you are looking for reliable, experienced, information technology professionals, MacWorks can help

We specialize in working with clients who have either migrated from the Windows platform or desire to use the Microsoft operating system interchangeably. MacWorks can setup and install  Microsoft products so that you can use Apple Boot Camp or virtualization technology to successfully run both platforms

As a full service provider, we offer a wide variety of onsite and offsite backup solutions to make certain the your data is safe and secure. In the event of a data loss we offer data recovery services for Macs and PC’s. Additional information can be found at