MacWorks, LLC featured In CRN Article – WWDC 2022: Apple Unleashes New MacBook With M2 Chip


The tech giant also made several software upgrades – but the drop of new MacBooks served as day one’s main event.”

Jerry Zigmont, owner of New Haven, Conn.-based consultancy MacWorks, said it was “nice” to see Apple making some new hardware announcements, but without a release date, there’s nothing tangible to advise his clients on. He’s waiting for a refresh of the company’s iMac line, which he said would fill a much bigger need for him. “It’s nice that they are marching forward with the supply chain issues and they are trying to keep on schedule,” he said “There’s a big hold in the line waiting for a refresh on the iMac – something not as expensive as the Mac Studio. That would be the itch my clients have.”

Still, Zigmont said if Apple can get the new MacBook Air released in time for back-to-school, there’s an opportunity there. “But with the supply chain… if there are delays now, I don’t think they’ll have enough on hand to meet that need, either,” he said. “The announcements are great, but it’s nothing we can act on right now.”

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