Madison, CT Artist Profiled Uses Filemaker Bento 2 – “Donovan Krebs Organizing Inspiration”

Bento Customer Stories | FileMaker: “Donovan Krebs
Organizing Inspiration”


Donovan Krebs
Donovan Krebs, Artist

Local artist, Mac user and friend Donovan Krebs D93CB5A7-F560-4395-B2A3-27210F189C86.jpg, is featured on the Filemaker website because he uses the great database product Bento 2.
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You can also find out more about Donovan’s art at his website –

“Donovan Krebs has thoughts to organize. Lots of them. The artist’s mind can be filled with a maelstrom of ideas, inspirations, concepts, and tasks. Without a way to manage it all, he’d be swamped. That’s why he turned to Bento 2.”