PogoPlug – Elegance & Simplicity For File Sharing

By June 11, 2009July 10th, 2009Apple Mac Backup, Apple Products, iPhone, Leopard, Networking

Pogoplug is a small box that essentially lets you turn any USB hard drive into a network device. Not only does the Pogoplug make your drive available to your Mac or PC, it can be reached in a web browser like Firefox or even on your iPhone!


Setup is extremely easy, you just plug it in, visit my.pogoplug.com to set up an account, and that’s about it.

The Pogoplug shines and is standout because it is the easiest way to get web access to your data – bar none. Sign in to your password protected my.pogoplug.com account and you’re looking at a clean and simple interface through which you can navigate the entire contents of the attached drive. Document, picture, music and movie files are directly accessible and just a click away. If you have write access, you can also do basic management like deleting, renaming, or moving files

If you have an iPhone, a free PogoPlug application lets you browse the entire drive right from the phone via either WiFi or its 3G connection. iPhone-compatible documents open right on your screen when tapped. Tap an MP3 or a movie file, and it starts streaming live from your hard drive anywhere in the world! If you need to save a file, tap a button and it’s downloaded into the phone.

On a personal note, my music library is over 200MB and could not be loaded on even the largest iPod available. No worries with PogoPlug, all my music is instantly available anywhere I have my iPhone.

In the months to come, we here at MacWorks, LLC will be recommending this product as a “must have’ device. It can be very flexible and fit in to many of our clients “workflows”.

This product is just amazing and will literally change the way you organize your life if you are a professional on the go. The best part of all is that this incredible device cost only $99 an is available from PogoPlug.com and at the PogoPlug Store.