Straight Talk About Snow Leopard 10.6 – “Should You Upgrade?

By September 11, 2009Apple Products, Leopard

Snow Leopard 10.6

Snow Leopard 10.6

As of this writing, Snow Leopard has been out approximately three weeks and we have been getting many questions regarding upgrading.

An important point to remember is that Snow Leopard 10.6,  runs on Intel-based Macs only. Previous 10.5 “Leopard” release is the last version of Mac OS X which will support PowerPC-based systems.

10.6 is essentially a rewrite of the core operating and with a $29 price ($49 for 5-user family packs) Apple’s pricing is  aggressive suggesting that they want users to upgrade

Some of the major benefits are as follows:

  • Snow Leopard’s biggest benefit is the speed increases it gets, even on older Intel Macs
  • The Dock and Menu Bar are enhanced so you can do more tasks with less effort
  • If you are on an Exchange Server, you can now use Apple Mail intend of Microsoft’s Entourage
  • The new Quicktime X will allow you to Record, Edit, and Publish Video Clips and Screencasts
  • Putting Your Mac To Sleep and Waking from Sleep is much faster along with quicker Time Machine Backups

There is great article on Lifehacker called  – Snow Leopard’s Four Best Improvements (for Civilians)click here

Important! – Whenever you update, make sure you make a full bootable backup before updating.