MacWorks, LLC Cited In CRN Article – ‘Holding Onto The Hope’ Of An Apple Mac Launch This Fall


“We are holding onto the hope that there will be other product announcements this fall,” said Jerry Zigmont, owner of MacWorks, a Conn.-based Apple consultant that focuses on Mac desktops and notebooks. “Some of these [Mac] products are in desperate need of a refresh.”

“Zigmont said that the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro, which have been getting a higher degree of attention from Apple, are out of the price range and have more computational power than needed for many of his customers.

“For a lot of business users, that type of product doesn’t make sense for them,” he said.

But advising clients to buy “old inventory” such as the MacBook Air or iMac is out of the question, Zigmont noted.

Ultimately, “the refresh times between [Mac] products are just too slow,” he said.”

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