Super Duper – Backup For The Mac, Made Simple

By February 23, 2009March 28th, 2009Apple Mac Backup

One of the best suggestions any consultant can make is to encourage people to back up their data on a regular schedule. With the advent of Time Machine in Leopard OS X 10.5.6 , this task is easier than ever but does not offer the ultimate solution. The best backup is a fully “bootable” copy or “clone” of the computer you are backing up. In steps SuperDuper from Shirt-Pocket with an easy to use interface, automatic scheduling ability and the option to do “incremental” or  “smart” backups.

The program is free to do a basic backup but to unlock the Scheduling, Smart Update (which saves a lot of time),  Sandboxes, scripting, you will need to buy the application for $27.95

Get your free copy of SuperDuper from Shirt-Pocket and start backing up today!