Put A Secure Password On Your iPad or iPhone? – Apple iPhone Configuration Utility


Put A Secure Password On Your iPad or iPhone – Profile Built With Apple iPhone Configuration Utility


Have you ever wished that the iPad, iPhone or Touch had better security than the four digit security code? A secure solution begins with a minimum six character alpa-numeric passcode.


With the Apple iPhone Configuration Utility we’ve built a profile that allows alphanumeric passcodes. All you have to do is open this link (on your iPad, iPhone or iTouch) and you will be prompted to pick a new passcode. Your passcode can be a mix of letters and numbers, with a minimum of six characters. The only restriction is you cannot use a consecutive order like “joe123”. You would have to do something such as “joe132.”

To remove this profile feature for longer passwords, go to your iPad, iPhone or iTouch Settings/General/Profiles/macworks/ then click remove and confirm. Next, change your passcode back to something numeric.



Of course, use at your own risk since it is possible to forget your password. If you do, you would need to reset your device. Happy security!


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